IntelliJ IDEA Console Log Options

A common need is to write console.log(`${VAR}`) statements while coding JavaScript/TypeScript. Ideally one could highlight the variable and use a shortcut. I went searching for a quick method to do this on IntelliJ IDEA. There is a built-in postfix code completion and live templates. It took me a while to find the details.

Relevant question/answers on SO:

Using Built-in Postfix code completion

// example1
my_var.log + <Tab> => console.log(my_var);

// example2: string
'hello'.log + <Tab> => console.log('hello');

// example3: string and variable
'hello', my_var.log + <Tab> => console.log('hello', my_var);

Custom Live Template

Added ll trigger with:

console.log($SELECTION$, '$SELECTION$')$END$

Custom Postfix

Replaced existing $EXPR$.log (log):



console.log('$EXPR$', $EXPR$)

IntelliJ IDEA Docs

Additional Research

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