Miscellaneous projects, experiments, etc.

Last Updated
Tank Robot - FPV Edition (WIP) 2019-03 Small robot with FPV setup
AR Experiments on Android 2018-10 Experiments with ARCore on Android.
AR Based Positioning & Navigation 2018-08 Using augmented images & AR for positioning.
Web Audio Recording 2018-03 Web audio recording tests for all web browsers.
Marker AR with Browser 2017-10 Marker based augmented reality with web browsers. Photon 2017-07 Demo of the photon MCU and platform.
Pan/Tilt with OpenCV 2016-04 Using face detection to drive pan/tilt camera.
Pan/Tilt Device (v4) 2013-11 Remote servo controlled pan/tilt and video.
Dynamic Loading w/ Dygraphs 2013-09 Example code and demos showing how to use Dygraphs for loading downsampled datasets while zooming.
Flight Viz w/ Google Earth 2011-12 Flight accident visualization with Google Earth.
Software Framework for Robotics 2011-08 Basis for experimentation with concepts that come in to play when interfacing a computer to the physical world.
RGB LED w/ Joystick 2011-05 Joystick control of a BlinkM RGB LED.
Stance Robot v2 2010-11 Experiments around microcontroller communication and smooth servo movements.