3D Printer - Update

Having had the 3D printer for a few months now, I can say it's easily one of my favorite purchases.

Recent Prints, Etc

3D printer setup. WiFi webcam for monitoring prints remotely.
All PLA except for black one in front which is PETG.
Box of discards.
Growing filament collection.
Chess set
(Printed by Quinn, model from Thingiverse)
Chess set
(Printed by Quinn, model from Thingiverse)
Puzzle box
(Printed by Kergan, model from Thingiverse)
Puzzle box key
(Printed by Kergan, model from Thingiverse)
Custom Box for school project.
Designed by Kergan. Decals cut out on a Silhouette Cameo, which was the cool machine before we got the Prusa.
Quinn's Belt
One of the larger items he's printed. He wore it for a few weeks until it broke. Need to try it again with PETG.
Custom iPhone Stand
Designed by Kergan
All in one printer test, available on Thingiverse.
Spinner. Free model from Prusa.
Spinner. Comes off the printer like this.
Custom Coffee Spoon Holder
Printer is going to pay for itself in no time...
Connector for 1" PVC Pipe. Support material still in place. Quinn really wished we had the printer when he built his SciOly Coaster.
3D printed legos with custom servo mount.
My Fusion360 model for this is fully parameteric, so can print base at whatever size needed by simply modifying variables.
First Test of TPU (flexible) Filament
TPU (flexible) Filament. Shore hardness ~90A.
Filament switch mid print. This is one way to do multi-color. Another way would be to add the multi material upgrade.
Fusion360 screenshot of TankRobot model. I'm not an Autodesk fan and I would've liked to continue using Alibre, but I can't justify continually paying ~$500 year when Fusion360 is currently free for my purposes. I expect this could come back to bite me some day.
Screenshot of TankRobot base sliced in Slicr PE.
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