3D Printing at the UPS Store

Here are my first tests using the 3D printing services now offered at the local UPS store.

These objects are connectors for combining Legos and Lincoln Logs. Many more similar type connectors are available for download as part of the Free Universal Construction Set .

The UPS stores are using Stratus uPrint Plus SE printers. Maximum print size is 8 x 8 x 6 inches.

The UPS stores take .STL files. I use Alibre Parameteric CAD for creating custom models, but a simpler, cheaper option for designing models that can be exported to STL is SketchUp . Cost is calculated based on how much material will be needed in cubic centimeters per their software, and printing is prepaid. Multiple colors are supported, but each color change incurs a $25 fee. These two pieces required about 3 hours to print and cost ~$40USD.

My test was to see if the resolution of the studs was enough to allow a solid Lego connection. Test successful.

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