Flight Viz w/ Google Earth

Flight Regression was a small consulting business around taking raw data from general aviation flight accidents, applying computer analysis to that data, and then generating multimedia reconstructions.

The most compelling reconstruction was done using Google Earth. It combined radar path animation, audio, and transcripts. It became defunct when Google decided to deprecate the Google Earth browser plugin. As an aside, this led to my first contribution to killedbygoogle.

Demonstration Videos

These videos show software I developed before "single-page-application" was a common term.

Custom browser developed browser based app. Used google earth plugin.
In this accident there were three relevant aircraft.

Screenshots and Brochures

Old Brochure
Old Brochure
Old Brochure
Old Brochure
Old Brochure
Old Brochure
Early radar analysis GUI
Early satellite image GUI (pre google earth). Extremely large images. Had to use Java Advanced Imaging to tile.

Defunct Website

Most of this website is no longer functional, but it still gives some sense to how things worked.

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